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Bioanalysis is a term used to describe the quantitative measurement of a compound in biological matrices such as blood, plasma, serum, urine, and tissue extracts. The determination of drug concentrations in a biological matrix helps to clarify the action of a target drug, an essential component for the discovery and development process (i.e. pharmacokinetics, bioequivalence, bioavailability, etc.). Because a biological matrix is a complex substance and pharmaceutical research requires accurate data, a bioanalysis lab needs a high-performance system and team to deliver reliable results.

The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory offers a full bioanalysis workflow which covers the method of development and validation, compound analysis, data processing, and consultant team. GPD supports bioanalysis by professional platforms.

Proper sample preparation of biological matrices is an important technique used to clean up or remove contaminants prior to analysis in order to improve the detection performance. The GPD Laboratory is experienced in biological matrix extraction and can provide complete preparation of assays including protein precipitate, liquid-liquid extraction, or solid phase extraction (SPE) support for various biological matrices.

We have high-technology instruments to provide support in all bioanalytical fields. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UHPLC technology is an advanced technique that improves separation performance and delivers reliable results.

HPLC coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) is a principal technique used in quantitative bioanalysis. The sensitivity, specificity, and reliability of this makes it the best performance system for bioanalysis.

We also provide analysis of large molecules by using a Quadrupole Time-Of-Flight (QTOF) Mass Spectrometer. This system is ideal for the identification, characterisation, and quantitation of large molecules such as proteins, antigens, or antibodies.

The GPD Laboratory operates by using a triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS from AB Sciex model 4500 and 6500 connected to a HPLC Exion AD plus Rack Changer Autosampler for large batch analysis. This system can detect a wide range of molecules and detect levels at parts per trillion (ppt). HPLC with UHPLC technology from WATERS corporation provides the best separation results.

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