Providing clients with reliable laboratory safety testing solutions

The majority of studies supported by GPD Laboratory involve routine safety testing and analysis. This constant testing means that GPD Laboratory is equipped to provide you with fast and reliable results – exactly what you need to keep your clinical trial running smoothly.


The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory performs a wide variety of biochemical blood tests including those for kidney and liver function, lipid profile, endocrine function, cardiac markers, pancreatic markers, and tumour markers. Our services are capable of carrying out immunological investigations to detect and quantify antigens and antibodies for infectious diseases.

GPD Laboratory uses electrochemiluminescence assays to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of tumours and thyroid diseases. All tests are fully automated with advanced technology, high throughput analysers and results controlled by internal and external quality control programs.



The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory provides all required testing to clinical research trials for complete blood counts using a fully automated haematology analyser with advanced parameters for blood smear preparation and reviews, and parasite identification.



The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory conducts urinalysis using the new fully automated urine chemistry analyser that offers novel clinical values. Up to eleven parameters are measured to cover more requirements for your clinical research trial. Expert urine sediment analysis using microscopy can be provided to you as well, including the identification of blood cells, epithelial cell, casts, crystals, yeast, and protozoic infections.



The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory conducts routine and specialized coagulation tests, including Prothrombin Time (PT)/INR, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), Thrombin Time (TT), Fibrinogen, D-Dimer, Coagulation Factor Assays and Lupus Anticoagulant (screening and confirmation). All your clinical research requirements can be met with our fully automated coagulation analyser which boasts proven and successful results.



The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory's combination of performance and workflow brings your immunoassays and ELISA to the next level. We provide a high level of precision and a superior workflow to your immunoassay and ELISA work as well as the highest quality data to support your biomarker research, drug development or clinical trials. From study design to method development, validation and analysis, GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory can conduct comprehensive immunogenicity testing through all phases of development of your specific therapy.



The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory can serve you to identify the etiological agents of diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and protozoa. The laboratory also carries out microscopic examination, cultivation and identification, as well as antimicrobial/fungal susceptibility testing (AST), serology, and molecular tests. In these analyses, we follow standard microbiological techniques and use reliable equipment including a blood culture monitoring system, an automatic bacterial identifier and susceptibility test for antibiotics, and a system for performing molecular testing. .



The most recent breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment have been in the field of immuno-oncology, using novel immunotherapies to bolster the host’s immune system to target and destroy tumour cells more effectively. The success that these and other therapies have had at prolonging survival has placed an emphasis on the development of new single agent and combination therapies with a greater efficacy at treating cancer. Productive development of immunotherapies requires high-throughput and robust quantitative analysis of the immune system in the tumour micro-environment, peripheral blood, and other host tissues. To meet this need, GPD Laboratory provides an advanced, state-of-the-art analytical flow cytometry resource to support all aspects of your drug development needs. Run your sample generation studies with us or overnight-ship us your preclinical or non-CLIA regulated clinical samples. Additionally, a wide range of data management reports are available on request to meet each client’s specific requirements.



The GlobalPlus Diagnostics Laboratory provides a full menu of molecular testing in areas of infectious diseases such as bacteriology, mycobacteriology, virology, and antimicrobial susceptibility. We proudly provide various infectious agents, covering all organ systems and most common pathogens that are causing burden worldwide, as well as expert analysis for your clinical-trial research programs. Advanced technology and experience in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis allows the GPD Laboratory to provide biomolecular analysis that helps doctors diagnose and provide expert analysis for your clinical trial programs. This analysis provides accurate and rapid genetic disease and cancer diagnoses.



From handling wet tissue biopsies to paraffin blocks or unstained tissue sections, the GPD Laboratory uses high-quality platforms to guarantee consistent data. In-house automated stainers manage routine H&E staining as well as more specialized staining. Highly trained histotechnologists follow strict and precise manual staining processes to ensure consistent results. Specialty staining (including fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) / in situ hybridization (ISH), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and digital imaging) supports studies in a range of therapeutic areas. We offer multiplex immunofluorescence (IF) and IHC which are capable of providing quantifiable data concerning the relationship between cells and their density in a specific area. Analysis of this high-content data allows for comparison of pre- and post-treatment tissues to help assess and predict therapeutic efficacy in specific disease states or in specific patient populations.


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